The Village of South Holland is located just south of Chicago, Illinois and is populated by over 22,000 people covering approximately 10 square miles. Our response area is comprised of over 8,000 homes, industrial facilities, commercial businesses, rail and road including parts of I-80, I-94 and I-294. The South Holland Fire Department is a member of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (M.A.B.A.S.) Division 24 and carries an ISO rating of 2. We responded to 4,446 calls in 2017 which included 2,720 EMS calls, 1,355 fire calls, and 371 Auto accident calls. We transported 2,250 patients in 2017 which included 850 trauma patients and 15 Level I trauma patients. Also in 2017, we aided 236 outside agency calls, received aid from outside agencies on 300 calls, tested 1,200 fire hydrants, and made 1,975 contacts through public education.

The South Holland Fire Department is made up of the South Holland Fireman’s Association and the full-time members are charted as the South Holland Professional Firefighters Association (IAFF Local 4109). The South Holland Fire Department consists of 43 members: 24 are full-time, and 19 are paid-on-call. These employees staff 2 stations 24 hours a day. The South Holland Fire Department is an Advance Life Support (ALS) EMS response department. Some members specialize in: (but not limited to) Technical Rescue Team (TRT), Dive Rescue Team, & Hazardous-Materials Response Team. We also have a Fire Prevention Bureau and a Fire/Arson Investigation Unit. The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts regular fire inspections at all commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities within the Village. During 2016, the South Holland Fire Department conducted hundreds of fire inspections.

The Fire Department has a Cadet program for individuals 17-21 years of age. They participate in all non-fire exposure training and can help out on the periphery at a fire scene. If they successfully attend the fire academy, have 1 year on the Department, and are 18 years of age or older, the Department can transfer them to the rank of paid-on-call firefighter.

Insurance Service Organization (ISO) Class 2 Department