The 2020 MFT (Motor Fuel Tax) Street Resurfacing Program began in late spring and includes the following streets:
  • 156th St from west of Woodlawn to Greenwood Ave
  • 157th St from South Park Ave to Gouwens Ln
  • Gouwens Ln from 157th St to Cottage Grove Rd
  • 160th Pl from Court Tr to Evans Ave
  • Evans Ave from 160th Pl to dead end
  • 160th St from Evans Ave to Cottage Grove Rd
  • 159th St from Marion Dr to Dobson Ave
  • Debbie Ln from 159th St to 161st St
  • Woodlawn East Ave from US Route 6 to Prince Dr
  • Van Dam Rd from 15901 Van Dam to 16475 Van Dam
  • University Ave from 163rd St to Woodlawn Ave
  • University Ct southwest of University Ave
  • 162nd Pl from Ellis Ave to Dobson Ave
  • Dobson Ave from 162nd Pl to 163rd St
  • 163rd Pl from Evans Ave to Cottage Grove Rd
  • 163rd St from School St to Cottage Grove Rd
  • Evans Ave from 162nd St to 163rd Pl
  • 162nd Pl from School St to Evans Ave
  • Joyce Circle from Claire Ln to dead end
  • Claire Ln from 164th Pl to Betty Ln
  • 164th Pl from Claire Ln to School St
Restoration from this past winter’s broken water mains and other repairs will be ongoing this summer.

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