Snowfall, combined with the snow plowed from roadways and pushed from sidewalks, often bury fire hydrants. This can make it difficult for the fire department to find and use a hydrant. If a fire occurs in your neighborhood, precious time is lost as firefighters work to locate the hydrant and shovel snow around it before the fire hose can be connected. The extra time that a firefighter spends clearing a snow-covered hydrant can make a big difference in how quickly a fire can be extinguished and damage limited. Please don’t let the hydrant in your neighborhood remain covered by snow this winter.

The Village of South HollaShoveling Find Fire Department is asking residents to help keep the fire hydrant closest to your home or business clear of snow. Snow should be removed at least three feet away from the hydrant in all directions, with a pathway cleared between the hydrant and the roadway.

Also, please be mindful that all vehicles should be removed from the street when there is snowfall of two inches or more so that Public Works can thoroughly and safely plow village roadways. For an emergency, dial 9-1-1; 331-3131 or 331-3123 for non-emergencies.

On behalf of the Fire Department, thank you for your support and help with keeping the hydrants clear of snow and ready for a fire emergency.

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