Village Treasurer Beth Herman

The function of the Treasurer’s office of the Village of South Holland is to account for the revenues and expenditures of the Village for the current year and to assist the Village Board in planning for sufficient resources in future years. Our primary goals are to achieve a balanced budget each year and to maintain reasonable real estate taxes while providing resources to fund quality services for our residents.

These goals are achieved by the Treasurer’s office through two primary duties: (1) preparation of the annual budget and (2) assistance with business development within the Village. Each spring, the Treasurer prepares the annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year beginning May 1 based on anticipated revenues and information provided by Village department heads related to spending requirements. The annual budget sets the legal spending limits for the Village and determines the real estate tax levy requirements.

The development of new business within the Village and maintenance of the existing business base is important to maintain reasonable real estate taxes. New development broadens the real estate tax base which reduces the burden each individual resident bears, and new development may generate sales tax revenues. The Village of South Holland currently receives more revenues annually from our share of the Illinois sales tax (based on collections within our Village) than from our real estate tax levy. The Treasurer researches and makes recommendations to the Village Board regarding various incentives which would bring new development into the Village.