Note: First named Trustee is the Committee Chairman

Community Development Committee

Oversees: Licenses, Permits, Zoning, Planning, Building Department
Trustees: DeYoung, Nylen, Russell

Recreational Services Committee

Oversees: Park Operations, Recreational Programs and Services
Trustees: Perkins, Reed, Nylen

Community Coordination Committee

Oversees: Library, Public Relations, Band, Service Organizations, Cable Television
Trustees: Nylen, Perkins, DeYoung

Finance Committee

Oversees: Appropriations, Salary, Insurance, Personnel, Ordinances, Judiciary
Trustees: Russell, DeYoung, Johnson

Public Safety Committee

Oversees: Police, Paramedics, Fire, ESDA
Trustees: Johnson, Russell, Reed

Public Works and Parks Committee

Oversees: Streets, Lights, Sidewalks, Water, Public Buildings, Garbage, Sewers, Engineering, Parks
Trustees: Reed, Johnson, Perkins