Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is comprised of three (3) Lieutenants, three (3) Sergeants, and 29 Patrol Officers. The Patrol Division is a group of dedicated men and women who take pride in their work and in the South Holland community. The Patrol Division has several primary functions which include but are not limited to; responding to emergency calls, patrolling the streets of South Holland and checking on residences and businesses. The Patrol Division responds to an average call volume of over 350 Calls For Service (CFS) and self initiates over 140 contacts with the public each week. While responding to the various needs of the members of the community, the South Holland patrol officer remains vigilant to what is happening in his/her surroundings, including watching businesses and residences in town for activity which is suspicious and criminal.

Another function of the Patrol Division is Traffic Enforcement. We utilize three (3) portable radar trailers and two (2) fixed radar signs to inform motorists of their current speed. We saturate the school areas during School Zone enforcement twice a day during the school year. The Village of South Holland and the South Holland Police Department work together to monitor high traffic areas and decide on areas of enforcement. The South Holland Police Department also works closely with our residents to target areas of the community when traffic enforcement concerns arise.

The Patrol Division has several specialty positions to help provide better service to the community and assists in special village events and functions. These specialty divisions include:

The Bicycle Division

The primary goal of the Bike Unit is to increase Police presence on the streets and in the parks during the warmer months of the year. The Bike Unit has the ability to travel to areas of town that are difficult to access in a standard Police Vehicle. The Bike Unit has fourteen (14) Officers currently Certified by taking a 32-hour intense training course that emphasizes how to use a Police Mountain Bike to assist in Community Relations, Tactical Patrol, Crime Prevention and Suspect Apprehension. The Bike Unit is deployed in Two (2) Officer Units and is used to supplement standard Patrol Activities.

The ATV Division

The All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Division is used in a very similar manner to the Bicycle Division in that its primary goal is to increase Police presence on the streets and in the parks during the warmer months of the year. The ATV also has the ability to access areas that are remote or difficult to reach in a standard Police vehicle. The ATV Division currently has eight (8) Officers trained in its use and is deployed as a single unit. One advantage the ATV has over the Police Mountain Bike is its ability to cover larger distances in a short amount of time.

South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT)

SSERT is a multi-jurisdictional Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team that includes more than 32 other departments and over 70 members. The South Holland Police Department currently has two (2) officers assigned to this team.

One of the many resources that the South Holland Police Department utilizes to help fight crime is our residents. One of the primary goals of the South Holland Police Department is to continuously improve communications with our residents. We take an active role in our Community Policing Initiative which meets at the South Holland Community Center and the South Holland Public Library on Monday and Wednesday evenings once a month. The meetings are informal and provide a strong line of communication between the police and citizens. The Community Policing Initiative is divided into three (3) zones by address. We also provide a Citizens Police Academy, which is designed to give our citizens an opportunity to understand the day to day operations of the Police Department by providing an in depth education of the divisions, processes and equipment of the South Holland Police Department.

The Patrol Division is highly visible within the community and has the most interaction with the public. Our Patrol Officers will treat all with respect and dignity and maintain a positive image of the Police Department and the Village. Through persistent patrol and community involvement the Patrol Division is able to work proactively to deter crime within the Village of South Holland.