If you have just moved to South Holland or are installing a home alarm system, you may also obtain a paper application at the Police Department or at the link included below.

Residential Alarm Permit

Business Alarm Permit

To assure proper credit:
1) RETURN renewal registration form at the South Holland Police Department.
2) Make checks payable to: THE VILLAGE OF SOUTH HOLLAND.
3) Place your billing number on your check.
4) Or you may mail your renewal registration form and your payment to:

South Holland Police Department
Alarm Permit
16330 South Park Ave
South Holland, IL  60473

Please pay with check or money order only. Payments can be accepted at the South Holland Police Department.

The South Holland Police and Fire Departments are committed to working with our residents and businesses to ensure their safety. Many law enforcement agencies recommend professionally installed alarm systems as an effective deterrent against burglary, and many fire departments promote fire and smoke detection as an effective means of saving lives and minimizing property loss.

Emergency response to these alarms is a critical component of their effectiveness. As significant delays and problems occur when the homeowner or business owner cannot be reached, we must have current emergency contact information for all alarm users. This is accomplished with an annual alarm permit.

Initial fee for alarm permit:

$25 – Residential
$50 – Business

Permits are available at the Police Department, 16330 South Park Avenue, or at If a permit is not on file at the time an alarm call is dispatched, a municipal ordinance ticket will be issued, and a court appearance is mandatory, with a maximum fine of $750.

Permits are renewed annually. A notice will be mailed or emailed in November of every year and is due by January 1.

Annual renewal fee:

$0 – Residential
$25 – Business

Alarm permits renewed after January 1 of each year will incur a fee of $25 for residential and $50 for business permits.

False Alarms

Each year, South Holland emergency personnel respond to nearly 3,000 alarms. Approximately 98 percent are false alarms. That is more than eight false alarms per day. Each business or home is allowed two false alarms per calendar year. Each additional false police alarm will result in a $50 fine, while false or malfunctioning fire alarms will result in a $200 fine.

False Alarm Occurrence within the calendar year Service Fee
1st– 2nd $0 per occurrence
3rd or more $50 per occurrence

How the program works…​

The Village of South Holland Ordinance No. 9-156, establishes an alarm permit process to ensure that all residential and commercial alarm systems are registered with the Village. This system provides the Police Department with up-to-date, accurate information about the responsible party, Alarm Company and any key holder(s) and helps reduce the number of false/non-bona fide alarm responses by our officers. Police responses to non-bona fide alarm calls far outweigh the number of responses to bona-fide alarm calls. In order to reduce this strain on Village resources, the Police Department requires this information to have a better understanding of the number of alarms within the Village and have appropriate information available for resolution of alarm-related issues.

What happens when my alarm system activates?

Your alarm monitoring company should not wait for the verification process, if it receives a panic, duress or hold-up signal. They should dispatch police personnel immediately. If the alarm monitoring company does not receive proper cancellation codes, the South Holland Police Department will be contacted and emergency personnel will be dispatched to your location.

A false alarm occurs when a security system is activated where there is no emergency – whether it is activated willfully, unintentionally, negligently or inadvertently. It also includes a system that is activated due to mechanical, electrical malfunctions or weather conditions. You must provide an alternate source of power in order to prevent false alarm due to loss of electrical power. We suggest battery power as an alternate.

A true alarm is when an alarm system is activated by an attempted or actual illegal entry, theft, robbery; or an observable act of vandalism. All tests of telephone lines or equipment on the premises, requires prior notice of the testing or repair to the South Holland Police Department. Please call our non-emergency number at 708.331.3131 in advance to let us know that you will be testing your alarm.

What happens if I fail to pay my service fees?

All service charges must be paid within twenty-eight (28) days of the date on the invoice rendered.

The failure to promptly pay any service charge imposed pursuant to and in the manner described in this article (for which a nullification or waiver has not been granted by the alarm administrator) shall constitute an offense. If the alarm user holding the alarm permit fails to pay the service fees and other amounts due after the certified final notice letter has been sent, then the village manager is authorized to take such action as may be necessary to collect such unpaid amounts. A reinstatement fee as set forth by the village fee ordinance will also be due to place the alarm permit back in good standing.

For questions or support, please call Alarm Support, 708.339.8495.