Floodplain Management Plan

Updated November 2017. Click the article you wish to read.

Cover & Table of Contents5 - Regulations
1 - Introduction6 - Emergency Services
2 - Problem Description7 - Property Protection
3 - Goals8 - Public Information
4 - Flood Control9 - Action Plan
Full Floodplain Management Plan in one file

The Village of South Holland updates its Floodplain Management Plan on a regular basis. The work is coordinated by the Flood Liaison Committee whose members include representatives of Village offices and floodplain residents. As noted by Village President Don DeGraff, “While floods are acts of nature, the impacts on residents, public facilities, businesses, and private property can be diminished through effective floodplain management programs.”

Community input is a vital part of revising the current plan. All South Holland residents are welcome to attend the meetings and to review and comment on the changes being made. The public is invited to attend the Flood Liaison Committee meetings, which are held at Village Hall.