Established in 1994, the Village’s Floodplain Management Plan was created to provide technical and financial assistance to residents of South Holland. Due to this program being established, residents of South Holland now receive a 25% discount when purchasing Federal Flood Insurance.

In addition, the Village of South Holland has established a unique flood assistance rebate program available to all property owners residing in South Holland, who wish to complete flood control support projects within their home.

Flood Assistance Rebate Program Details

To promote and encourage flood awareness to residents of the Village of South Holland, so that proper steps may be taken to prevent future problems within the home, while providing financial assistance to encourage flood control projects to be completed.

This program is designed to offer residents a 25% rebate on flood control projects, with a maximum rebate of $2500.00 per home.

Qualifying Projects:

  • Installation of overhead sewers
  • Repair of foundation cracks
  • Waterproofing of foundation walls
  • Installation of drain tiles
  • Diversion of downspouts
  • Construction of flood walls
  • Removal of sump pump and downspout connectors from sanitary sewers
  • Installation of backflow devices and lift stations


  • All projects must be pre-approved by the Village
  • Property must be owner occupied
  • An application must be completed prior to approval
  • Two bid proposals are required
Flood Assistance Rebate Program Brochure

Residents who desire to apply for the Flood Rebate Program are encouraged to call for details. If you have any questions regarding this program, please call us at 708-210-2915.

Helpful Links

The following links may be used to learn more about what you can do to prevent a flood event from occurring in your home.

Real-Time River Stage Gauges

Little Calumet River at South Holland
Thorn Creek at Thornton

Flood Warnings

The Village of South Holland has Warning Sirens in place to help alert you in advance of an approaching storm with potential flooding risk.

The Village of South Holland participates in Code Red Community Notification System which will call residents to alert them of severe weather approaching, potential floods, and many other notifications. Please enroll in Code Red to ensure that you receive these notifications.