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Frequently Asked Questions

Does every business need a license?

Yes ALL businesses operating in the Village of South Holland are required to have a license. This includes home businesses.

Where can I find an application for a business license?

You can click here, or you can obtain one by visiting the Customer Service Center, located at 16220 Wausau Avenue.

What does it cost for a business license?

License fees depend on the type of business you intend to conduct. Fees range from $25.00-$600.00. Please refer to the Business License Fee Schedule for specific fee information. Please note that any business that is selling, preparing or storing food or food products will be subject to a Cook County health inspection. The health inspection fee is $200.00 and will be added to all applicable license fees.

What documents do I need when applying for a business license?

Along with a fully completed business license application, you should be prepared to provide the following documents:
     Copy of the first page and signature page of current lease agreement;
     Copy of Articles of Incorporation, Organization or LLC documents;
     If applicable, a copy of your State or Federal license must be submitted with your application as proof of State/Federal licensing (e.g. IDFPR certificate, ARDC card, CPA license etc.)

What is the approval process for a business license?

Submittal of Application
You submit your completed business license application and supporting documentation to the Department of Community Development.

Fees must be submitted with a completed application. Checks can be made out to the Village of South Holland. *If an application is received on or after July 1, the annual fee is reduced to one-half the listed fee.

Staff Review
Upon receipt of the application, addendum and fee payment, the submission will be reviewed by the Department of Community Development.  Additional requirements are occasionally required.  Staff will contact the applicant for any supplementary items.

Business License Issuance
After the approval by the Department of Community Development, the business license will be issued.  Staff will notify you when your Business License is available for pickup or to schedule an opportunity for a delivery of your license from Staff.

How long is the approval process for a business license?

Approval will take between seven (7) and ten (10) business days, provided all inspections are satisfactorily completed.

Once I have a license do I have to complete the application each year?

Yes. Renewal notices will be sent, by the Village Clerk, a minimum of 21 days prior to license expiration. A renewal fee is required annually and should be submitted with your renewal application. All submissions should be updated to include relevant information.  Allowing your license to lapse without a renewal submission may result in violations for operating a business without a valid license.

I have a home daycare; do I have to be licensed with the State of Illinois in order to obtain a business license from the Village of South Holland?

Yes. A copy of your DCFS License is required when you apply for your home daycare business license.  Please review our Home Daycare Guidelines.