The 3rd Thursday of Every Month @ 7:00pm
South Holland Village Hall
16226 Wausau Avenue
(708) 210-2900


The Public Relations & Marketing Commission serves as an advisory committee to the Village President and Board, Village Administrators, and the Director Public Relations & Marketing on municipal public relations and marketing matters in general.

In a consultative capacity, the commission assists in the development of concepts, plans, strategies, trends, programs, and activities that support, facilitate, and otherwise guide the public relations and marketing efforts for the Village of South Holland. The commission will assist in the development of an external marketing plan and, as necessary, recommend periodic updates and revisions to the plan. The commission also will assist in the development of a public relations campaign and branding initiatives. The commission will assist the Director of Public Relations & Marketing in a semi-annual review and assessment of the effectiveness of the marketing plan, the public relations campaign, and other initiatives. Additionally, the commission will serve as a creative resource group for ideas pertaining to public relations, marketing, website, Community Connection Channel and community events. The commission also will assist with the development of a community event assessment plan, designed to evaluate the success of major activities.

The empowerment limits of the Public Relations & Marketing Commission are to review and recommend to the village president and administrators, and to advise the Director of Public Relations & Marketing.


Cassandra Griffin
Alfonzo Surrett
Julia Huisman – Advisor