The Village of South Holland’s GOOD NEIGHBOR RENTAL HOUSING INITIATIVE (GNRHI) is a unique concept designed to build and maintain a three-way partnership with property owners, tenants, and the Village. Working together, we use innovative tools to help protect an owner’s property and financial investment, protect responsible renters, and protect and enhance neighborhoods. The GNRHI will improve the safety of rental properties, and improve the quality of life for neighbors, and the community as a whole.

The Village of South Holland has always had the desire to balance the interest of the owner occupied homes and the interests of the rental units, as well as maintain a healthy balance in housing. In order to do so, the Residential Rental Ordinance ensures that rental units are not concentrated in one area of the Village by limiting the number of rental units located on any given 2020 Census Block at 10% of the residences located in a Census Block. For available rental licenses, please contact the Village of South Holland Good Neighbor Rental Housing Coordinator at

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