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Village of South Holland
16226 Wausau Avenue
South Holland, IL 60473
Phone: 708-210-2900
Fax: 708-210-1019
Monday through Friday:
8:00am to 5:00pm
8:00am to Noon
Clerk & Collector's Office
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Water Bills
Vehicle Stickers
Garage Sale Permits
Animal License
Voter Registration
Certificate of Payment Application

PLEASE NOTE: Parking tickets, Municipal ordinance tickets, impound fees and tow fees, and alarm fees and fines are payable at the Police Department.

NOTICE: Returned Checks for NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) are subject to a $30.00 FEE

Direct Payment

Would you prefer that your water bill be automatically paid from your checking account?

Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3!

To sign up, bring the following information to the Clerk's Office in the Village Hall:
1.  Your bank/financial institution's name.
2.  A voided check (or your routing number).
3.  Your checking account number.

Breakdown of your water bill
Rates effective March 1, 2014

Note: Gallons are read in thousands

  • $5.51 per 1,000 gallons for first 25,000 gallons.
  • $4.87 per 1,000 gallons for next 100,000 gallons.
  • $4.76 per 1,000 gallons for gallons over 125,000.
  • Sewer rate = $.47 X number of thousands of gallons used.
  • Flat = $.38 per month.
  • Refuse (Garbage Pick-Up) = $23.10 per month.

Minimum charge for water is $11.02, minimum total bill is $34.50
NOTE: Make check payable to "Village of South Holland".

A $100 deposit is required for:
- all new customers
- customers who have had water shut-off
- customers who have written two returned checks in a 12-month period

Water shut-offs occur for default accounts of $75 or more.
There is a $75 re-connection fee.

Checking for water leaks

Turn off all sources of water (faucet, hose, dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, etc.)

Then check the red triangle dial on your water meter. If all sources of water have been securely turned off and it is still moving, you have a leak somewhere. It may be necessary to call a plumber to locate the leak.

"Running" or "Leaking" toilets are the number one cause for high water bills. To test your toilet, turn the water supply line to the toilet tank off. Check your water meter to see if the triangle dial is spinning. If the dial stopped spinning, you found your problem. If the dial is still spinning, proceed to the next toilet. If all your toilets pass the test, check outside water spigots or signs of indoor leakage. If you are unable to find a leakage, call us to schedule an appointment to have your water meter inspected.

Vehicle Stickers

  • All vehicle stickers expire on June 30 of each year.
  • Vehicle stickers will be available for purchase beginning May 1 of each year, and must be purchased and displayed before July 1.
  • New residents have 30 days to obtain a valid vehicle sticker.
  • Newly purchased vehicles have 30 days to obtain a valid vehicle sticker.
  • Vehicle stickers purchased July 1 or later are deemed late and will incur a late payment penalty of 50%.
  • Vehicle stickers purchased August 1 or later are deemed substantially late and will incur a late payment penalty of $100.
  • Make check payable to "Village of South Holland".
  • Vehicle sticker must be displayed in the lower right hand corner of your windshield.
    (except for motorcycles which affixes to the license plate)

    12 MONTH FEES:
    Passenger cars $40.00
    Trucks and Motor Homes $55.00
    Trucks w/ C plates and higher $95.00
    Motorcycles $30.00
    Senior Citizens (65 years of age and older) receive a 50% discount.

Garage Sale Permits

  • Permit cost is $5.00.
  • One Garage Sale per year for each residence.
  • Garage Sale is limited to up to three (3) consecutive days.
  • No Garage Sales permitted on Sundays.
  • Make check payable to "Village of South Holland".

Animal Licenses

  • Annual fee is $10.00.
  • Senior Citizens (65 years of age and older) pay $5.00.
  • An Animal License is required for all dogs.
  • Form can be obtained at the Collector's Office in the Municipal Complex.
  • You must provide name and address of dog owner, sex and breed of dog, and current rabies inoculation.
  • Make check payable to "Village of South Holland".

Voter Registration

  • You can register to vote at the Village Hall, 16226 Wausau Avenue. Monday thru Friday 8am - 5pm.
  • Two forms of ID are required. One must show your current address.
  • Residents can vote Absentee at the Village Hall beginning 4 weeks before an election.
  • Applications for Absentee Ballots are available in the Clerk's office approximately 6 weeks before an election.
  • Applications for Disabled Voter or Student Voter programs are available at the Clerk's office.
  • Visit the Cook County Clerk Elections website for more information.

Certificate of Payment Application

     Certificate of Payment Application

ADA Grievance Procedure

     Click here for the ADA Grievance Procedures Document

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