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Where to Start
Village Logo Where to Start

1. Check with the Village’s Flood Assistance Coordinator (210-2915) on flooding in your area.

  • Where does the water come from?
  • Are you in the floodplain map’s Special Flood Hazard Area or floodway?
  • How bad has it been in the past?
  • How bad could it be? (Remember, the next flood can be worse than the last one.)
  • What is an appropriate flood protection level? (How high should you prepare for?)

2. Check out your local drainage situation.

  • Does water flow away from your house or does it tend to stand next to your walls?
  • Is the ditch, stream or storm sewer that takes water away clear of debris or obstructions?
  • Do the downspouts from your roof gutters direct water well away from your house?
  • Do you have a sump pump? If so, does it direct water well away from your house?

3. Prepare for flooding by doing the following:

  • Know the flood safety guidance.
  • Mark your fuse or breaker box to show the circuits to the floodable areas.
  • Know how to shut off the electricity and gas to your house when a flood comes.
  • Make a list of emergency numbers and identify a safe place to go to.
  • Make a household inventory, especially of basement contents.
  • Put insurance policies, valuable papers, medicine, etc., in a safe place.
  • Develop a disaster response plan – See “Your Family Disaster Plan” on the Red Cross website.
  • Put cleaning supplies, batteries, camera, waterproof boots, etc. in a safe place.

4. Check the flood protection laws. Follow these rules, get permits for all your work, and report violations to the Planning and Development Department (210-2915).

5. Protect your house with appropriate flood protection measures.

6. Purchase flood insurance coverage.

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