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During A Flood
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Turning off the Gas Turning off the Water

Flood Warnings

Flooding on the Calumet Union Drainage Ditch, local drainage problems, and sewer backup can come with little warning. If weather conditions look like flooding, the National Weather Service issues two types of flood notices: 

Flood watch: flooding is possible within the area described by the notice. 
Flood warning: flooding is imminent or occurring.

To stay abreast of weather warnings, listen to NOAA Weather Radio. This is a radio station operated by the Weather Service. You can buy a special battery-operated weather radio at a local electronics store for $20–$35. It issues an alert signal if a watch or warning is being issued. (see also

You can watch what’s happening on the Little Calumet River Flood Levels graphic.

If you hear a siren or a severe weather watch or warning, check the latest instructions on local radio and TV stations. Once the emergency management agencies are sure that the danger has passed, they will issue an “all clear” message. Remember: You may not get a flash flood warning before flooding actually begins. Play it safe in stormy weather.

The Village of South Holland has Warning Sirens in place to help alert you in advance of an approaching storm with potential flooding risk.

The Village of South Holland participates in Code Red Community Notification System which will call residents to alert them of severe weather approaching, potential floods, and many other notifications. Please enroll in Code Red to ensure that you receive these notifications.


During a Flood - What You Should Do

Once you hear a flood watch or warning, you should take the following steps: 

  1. If the radio, television, or emergency vehicle announced what to do, follow those instructions.

  2. If you suspect you are subject to deep flooding that will get inside your house: 
    a. Turn off the electricity and gas
    b. Review Flood Safety Outdoors
    c. Lock your doors and evacuate

  3. While on the road, be sure to avoid flooded streets. Obey barricades around dangerous areas. Read Flood Safety in Cars. A car will float in less than 2 feet of moving water and can be swept downstream into deeper waters. This is one reason floods kill more people trapped in vehicles than anywhere else.

  4. If the streets are underwater, you are better off staying in your house. Read Flood Safety Indoors

  5. If you don’t have a place on high ground where you can stay, listen to the radio or TV for information on public shelters.

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