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Village Regulations
Village Logo Village Regulations Protect You From Flooding

"Water flows downhill." This basic truth is the basis for the Village's drainage system. This system consists of storm sewers, channels, culverts and storage basins. All of these work to carry water away from buildings, such as your house, that can be damaged if flooded.

However, water canít flow if there is a dam in the way. South Holland's drainage system can be blocked or altered when people dump in the channels, plug storm sewer inlets, or build improperly in the floodplain. Therefore, there are Village regulations to prevent these problems.

Every lot was built so water would flow away from the building and along property lines to the street, storm sewer, or ditch. Fences, railroad ties, landscaping and re-grading block this flow. So do construction projects in the ditches or the floodplain. All such projects require a permit from the Village.

Some things to remember:

  • Do not dump or throw anything into the ditches or basins. Dumping in our ditches and storage basins is a violation of Village Code, Sections 14.51 Ė 14.53.
  • If you see dumping or debris in ditches or basins, contact Brian Smith at the Code Enforcement Office at 210-2915. The debris may cause flooding on your property.
  • Every piece of trash can contribute to flooding. Even grass clippings and branches can accumulate and plug channels. If your property is next to a ditch or storage basin, please do your part and keep the banks clear of brush and debris.
  • Always check with the Code Enforcement Office before you build on, alter, re-grade, or put fill on your property. A permit is needed to ensure that such projects do not cause problems on other properties.
  • If you see building or filling without a Village permit sign posted, contact the Code Enforcement Office at 210-2915. The project may increase flooding on your property.

New buildings in the floodplain must be protected from flood damage. Our building code requires that new residential buildings must be elevated one foot above the base flood level. The ordinance also requires that all substantial improvements to a building be treated as a new building. A substantial improvement is when the value of an addition, alteration, repair or reconstruction project exceeds 50% of the value of the existing building. In the case of an addition, only the addition must be protected. In the case of an improvement to the original building, the entire building must be protected.

For example, if a house is flooded, has a fire, is hit by a tornado, or is otherwise damaged so that the cost of repairs is more than 50% of the value of the building before the damage, then the house must be elevated above the base flood level.

These regulations are designed to protect you and your neighbors. By keeping the drainage system clear and getting the proper permits before you build, we can prevent flooding and other drainage problems.

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