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16230 Wausau Avenue
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Phone: 708-331-3123
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Fire Inspections
South Holland Fire Department Logo Fire Inspections

Fire protection is no longer only characterized by fire extinguishment. Fire protection activities are now for the most part spent in Fire Prevention. Fires still occur and remain our primary task, however, our fire prevention efforts have helped us decrease the frequency and deadly effects of fires. Our Fire Inspectors deserve a great deal of credit in these efforts.

Who Gets an Inspection?

All South Holland businesses are subject to routine fire inspections. Special emphasis is placed on those facilities which are considered a high risk, such as industrial facilities, restaurants, schools, retirement centers, and other facilities that may contain large amounts of people.

Typical Noted Violations

  • No combustible items within 30 inches of an electric panel
  • No combustible items within 24 inches of the ceiling in a non sprinkler system building
  • No combustible items to be higher than a level of 18 inches below the bottom of a sprinkler head in a sprinkler system building
  • No combustible items to be stored within 36 inches of a furnace or fireplace
  • No combustible items to be stored within 36 inches of a gas water heater
  • No combustible items to be stored within 30 inches of an electric water heater
  • No combustible items to be stored under stairs or in a stairwell

Fire Extinguishers

All businesses are required to have at least one properly mounted fire extinguisher. They are to be mounted in a visible and accessible location, primarily near an exit. The handle is to be no higher than 5 feet above the floor and the bottom at least 4 inches above the floor. The size of the extinguisher will vary with different occupancy uses; however, it must be serviced annually by a qualified technician and tagged as such. Extinguishers are to have a more extensive service performed every six years and are to be tested hydrostatically every 12 years.

Storage of Combustible Items

Combustible items such as paper, plastic, wood, cloth, cardboard, etc... are required by the Fire Prevention Code to be clear of many building components that are considered ignition sources.

Exits and Exit Doors

Exit doors are required to be unlocked at all times while the building is occupied. All exit doors must be able to be opened with a single action (door knob, push bar, etc...). Exit lights must be maintained in working order at all times, both AC and DC backup. Exits must remain unobstructed at all times and clear of debris.

Extension Cords and Cover Plates

Extension cords are not allowed to be used in commercial structures with the exception of temporary use.
An example of temporary use of an extension cord would be to power a vacuum cleaner. When done vacuuming, you would roll up and put away the cord.

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