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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have tried to address the most common topics and thereby answer the most common questions our residents ask. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us at or call us Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm or Saturday 8:00am to 12:00 Noon at 708-210-2900.


Blasting (Deep Tunnel Project and the Thornton Quarry)

  • There are two separate sources of blasting in the area. One is the mining of the Thornton Quarry. Second is the construction of the Deep Tunnel Project.
  • Quarry Blasting: The world's largest limestone quarry is located in the neighboring Village of Thornton. Material Service Corporation actually conducts the blasting at the Thornton Quarry. They are monitored carefully by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. There are legal limits to the frequency and size of each blast. In most cases, while the blasts sound dangerous, your home will not be damaged. If you believe, however, that your home has been damaged by quarry blasting, your initial inquiry should be directed to Material Service Corporation at (708) 877-6540. If you are unable to resolve your concern with Material Service Corporation, contact the Illinois Department of Natural Resources:

      Illinois Department of Natural Resources/OMM
      Blasting & Explosives Division
      524 South Second Street
      Springfield, IL 62701-1787
      Phone: (217) 782-9976
      Fax: (217) 524-4819
      TDD: (217) 524-4626
  • Deep Tunnel Project and Transitional Reservoir: To assist the Chicago area with flood prevention, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District - in conjunction with the United States Soil Conservation Service, state, and local municipalities - has launched a 2 pronged effort, The Deep Tunnel Project, which will address sewer back-up issues and The Transitional Reservoir which will positively impact both over-bank flooding and sewer back-up.
  • These projects consist of tunnels 150 to 300 feet underground that run for 109 miles around Chicagoland. You may have seen – or even felt – the construction taking place on this project.
  • The Transitional Reservoir project directs the overflows of Thorn Creek, which eventually flows into the Little Calumet River, into a massive reservoir. After the storm, the water is pumped through other tunnels to the District's wastewater treatment plant.
  • South Holland has some combined sewers. This means that storm water and sewage flow into the same sewer. These sewer systems are only designed to handle about 2 billion gallons of water a day; but a rainstorm leaving just 1 inch of rain forces the system into overload. The result? Sewer back-up. The Deep Tunnel Project, which is expected to be completed in 2014, will allow the overloaded sewers to dump into huge drop shafts that will carry the contents to the Thornton Quarry. Eventually it will be pumped to the District's wastewater treatment facility.
  • This 2 pronged project is truly a "Wonder of the World". In fact, other countries have sent engineering experts to study these projects.
  • To learn more about these projects, click here.



Block Parties

  • South Holland is a community with deep roots, strong traditions, and a promising future. For more than 100 years, this Village has maintained its strong family values and community pride.
  • Block Parties are a great way to celebrate our family values, meet new neighbors, renew old acquaintances, and just have good old fashion fun.
  • If you don't become a key organizer for your block. Who will? We'd be glad to help you with ideas and suggestions for generating interest, choosing a day, planning food, and planning entertainment.
  • To get started, fill out a Block Party Request Form. The Village will make all the arrangements for tables, road blocks, and emergency vehicles and will contact you with details on availability.
  • Subject to availability, the Village can provide free of charge:
      -  Road blocks for your street to prevent cars from interrupting your party.
      -  A limited number of picnic tables.
      -  A Fire Engine, Police car, or other emergency vehicle for children's viewing.
  • The Public Relations & Marketing Department can provide you with more information that will help you organize your block party. Call 210-2918 or send email to




  • To ensure that work is done according to code, a permit is required for work such as structural changes, electrical changes, new siding, new fencing, new shed, window and door replacements, etc. Property values in South Holland have consistently risen each year, in part because our housing stock is well maintained and structurally sound.
  • To inquire whether a permit is required for your project, call the Planning and Development Office at 210-2915.
  • Failure to secure a permit when one is required will result in a citation.
  • Contractors that do business in South Holland are required to be licensed with the Village. A contractor who performs work without securing a license will receive a citation.
  • Contractors that are licensed to do business in South Holland are required to provide a certificate of insurance. This is an important protection for residents in case the contractor causes damage.
  • Contractor License Applications and Building Permit Applications are now online.



Cable TV/Cable Modems/Satellite Dishes

  • South Holland residents have a choice of cable television providers:
    AT&T U-Verse can be reached at 800-288-2020
    Wide Open West (WOW) can be reached at 866-496-9669.
    Comcast can be reached at 800-824-6345.
    These providers offer high speed internet, television and phone services.
  • Satellite Dishes 18" and under do not require permits but they must be mounted out of sight from the street. For further details, call the Code Enforcement Office at 210-2915.



Community Center Rentals

  • The Community Center, opened in July of 2000, is a great place to host a business meeting, corporate party, wedding reception, family reunion, or other gathering. You can host an indoor pool party or a sporting event in the multi-sport gymnasium. This elegant facility with its fantastic rates and all the necessary accommodations, is likely your perfect solution.
  • The South Holland Community Center has been used for birthday, retirement, graduation, pool, and gym parties, wedding receptions, and bridal and baby showers. Groups/organizations also hold business meetings, repasses and Bible studies.
  • Rooms can be rented during regular building hours and Fridays until midnight, Saturday evenings until midnight and Sunday evenings until 8:00PM. The pool and gym can be rented after 3:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • For more detailed information you can visit the Community Center Rental page.
  • To find out how we can assist you in planning your next event, or to make your reservation, call 331-2940 or send email to



Community Events

  • South Holland hosts a variety of events throughout the year that encourage residents to meet one another and develop relationships. These events foster community pride, celebrate various holidays, and highlight important issues. Each resident is encouraged to become an active participant in the community. It can start with the following events:
    • Arbor Day Celebration - Each year we celebrate Arbor Day with a ceremonial planting of a tree. This takes place just before the Take a Bite Out of Grime event.

    • Heritage Festival - This is a jam-packed, five-day, annual festival that includes a Car Show, Bocce Tournament, a huge Block Party, an outdoor orchestra concert, and a praise and worship service. Held over Labor Day weekend.

    • Christmas Holiday Lights Contest - Neighborhoods compete with each other by decorating their properties with lights, bows, or a theme. Entry forms are required.

    • Independence Day Celebration - The July 4th Celebration begins at 10:00am with a Rib Fest Contest at Veterans Park, followed by a full day of fun, food, and games for ALL AGES. The celebration concludes with a performance by the South Holland Municipal Band and spectacular fireworks display at dusk.

    • Mayor's Coffees - Informal gatherings that are held quarterly to give residents an opportunity to meet with the Mayor and other Village officials to share their comments and concerns. See the section titled Mayors Coffees for more details.

    • Mayor's Prayer Breakfast - This annual breakfast is sponsored by the South Holland Ministerial Association. Held the first Thursday in May.

    • Memorial Day Parade - This annual parade honors the men and women who served in the military and made the ultimate sacrifice, and runs down South Park Ave. It begins at 11:00am at 170th Street and finishes at Veterans Park with a Remembrance Ceremony.

    • Santa Comes To Town - Usually held the first Friday evening in December. Santa arrives in a bright red fire truck at Santa's House in front of the Village Hall. Each child gets a chance to sit on Santa's lap and leaves with a bag of treats. A great chance to snap that special photo.

    • South Holland Municipal Band concerts - Our very own Municipal Band performs a series of concerts over the summer. Their season begins with the Memorial Day celebration and concludes with the Heritage Festival. The concerts are usually held at the bandstand at Veterans Park on various Thursday evenings.

    • Student Government Day - Local Junior High students chair the Village Board meeting. Usually held in May.

    • Take a Bite Out of Grime & Electronics Recycling - This is our annual clean-up day where volunteers of all ages are grouped into teams with Village officials and they fan out across the Village to do some Spring Cleaning along roadways, riverbanks, and in the parks. Coffee and donuts are served in the morning, and all meet back at the Community Center for lunch when finished with the clean-up. Also, an Electronics Recycling drive is hosted at the Library. Held the second Saturday in May.



Crime Statistics

  • Over the years, South Holland has remained a safe community with a low crime rate.
  • The number of Part I Index Crimes is lower today than it was back in 1981 when they first began tracking crime stats.

    SHPD Historical Crime Statistics

  • Part I Index Crimes include murder, criminal sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault/battery, burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.
  • While our crime rate is very low, it could be even lower because much of this crime it is easily preventable by the public. For instance, when you are fueling up your vehicle, do not leave your purse unattended or your vehicle unlocked; put bicycles away securely at night; and close and lock doors and windows while you are away from your home.



Crime Tips

  • If you are aware of any suspicious or criminal activity, you are encouraged to call the Police Department's non-emergency number at 331-3131 or if necessary, call 911.
  • Other ways to send information to the police department:
      -  Crime Tips Hotline: 596-2255
      -  E-Mail:
      -  Text Message - Tip411: Text shpd and your tip to 847411



CRS (Community Rating System)

  • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has a program called the Community Rating System (CRS), in which a community receives points for the activities they undertake to address flooding problems. Ratings are given based on the number of points a community receives.
  • In October of 2002, FEMA awarded the prestigious Class 5 rating to South Holland. South Holland is one of only three communities in the entire Midwest who have been awarded a rating of five. There is no community in the Midwest that has a better rating. In fact, there are only 3 communities in the entire United States who have a better rating.
  • Ratings directly effect the residents of South Holland, not only because they promote increased efforts to reduce flooding, but because the better the rating a community is awarded, the lower the cost of flood insurance. Each rating level below ten reduces flood insurance costs by five percent. Now that South Holland has been awarded a Class 5 rating, residents' premiums are reduced by 25% off the standard policy rates, which adds up to an average savings of $142 per household. That is the highest average savings for any community in the nation.
  • Since 1978, more than 297 claims for flood damage have been paid to South Holland residents.



Curfew Ordinance

  • Village Ordinance establishes an 11:00pm curfew for persons under the age of 17 for Sunday night through Thursday night. The curfew is 12:00am (midnight) on Friday and Saturday.
  • It is unlawful for a person less than seventeen (17) years of age to be present at or upon any public assembly, building, place, street or highway at the following times:
    • Between 12:01am and 6:00am Saturday;
    • Between 12:01am and 6:00am Sunday;
    • Between 11:01pm Sunday to Thursday, inclusive, and 6:00am on the following day.
  • It is unlawful for a parent or legal guardian to knowingly permit a person to violate curfew.
  • A person convicted of a violation of any provision of this ordinance (Chapter 11, Article 1, Section 11-6) shall be fined not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) nor more than the statutory limit for ordinance violations.



Document Requests

  • The charge for copies of documents is 25 cents per page.



Dog Licenses and Ordinances

  • A new Animal License is required for all dogs each year.
  • Annual fee is $10.00. Senior Citizens (65 years of age and older) pay $5.00.
  • Forms can be obtained at the Clerk's Office in the Village Hall.
  • You must provide the name and address of dog owner, sex and breed of dog, and current rabies inoculation.
  • Make check payable to "Village of South Holland".
  • Dogs are not permitted in any of South Holland's parks.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash when off the owner's property.
  • Dog walkers must clean up after the dog.



Electric, Gas and Phone Utilities

Electric Com Ed (Commonwealth Edison) can be reached at 1-800-334-7661.
Natural Gas Nicor Gas (Northern Illinois Gas) can be reached at 1-888-642-6748.
Phone AT&T can be reached at 1-800-244-4444.
  Comcast can be reached at 1-800-266-2278.
  Wide Open West (WOW) can be reached at 1-866-496-9669.



Fitness Center

  • The Community Center, which opened in July 2000, is home to a professional Fitness Center.
  • It is outfitted with a Rim-Flow pool, jacuzzi, saunas, deluxe locker rooms with private showers, and a Fitness Room with free weights, treadmills, stationary bicycles, cardiovascular equipment, resistance machines, and more.
  • For more detailed information, you can visit the Fitness Center.
  • You can also call the Fitness Center at 331-2940.



Flood Rebate Program

  • South Holland has a long history of flooding, with our worst flood occurring in 1990. This prompted the Village to prepare a Floodplain Management Plan. This plan, adopted in May 1994, provides for the financial assistance program outlined here to assist residents who take measures to reduce the damage caused by flooding.
  • This program offers residents a 25% rebate for flood control projects they undertake such as:
*  Installation of overhead sewers
*  Repair of foundation cracks
*  Installation of drain tiles
*  Elevation of landscaping for improved drainage
  • The maximum rebate is $2500.00
  • Over the years, residents have undertaken more than 400 floodproofing projects through the use of this program. The average rebate per project has been approximately $500.00.
  • Interested residents are encouraged to call Brian Smith, Flood Assistance Coordinator, at 210-2915 for further details.
  • It is important to call before beginning any projects. A short application and two bid proposals are required.



Garage Sales

  • One Garage Sale per year for each residence.
  • Garage Sale is limited to up to three (3) consecutive days.
  • No Garage Sales permitted on Sundays.
  • Permit cost is $5.00. Make check payable to "Village of South Holland".
  • A Garage Sale sign is permitted, but no larger than six (6) square feet. The sign may only be displayed on the property where the Garage Sale is being held.
  • No balloons, banners, or pennants are permitted.
  • Absolutely no directional signs on corners or down the street.
  • The sign must be removed each day, and immediately at the conclusion of the Garage Sale.



Garbage Pick-Up

  • Republic Services provides residential garbage pick-up services for the Village.
  • Two different toters are used. Brown toters are for regular household waste. Blue toters are for yard waste.
  • One brown toter goes with each home. Blue toters and additional brown toters can be leased directly from Republic Services for $30 each per year. Call their office at 708-385-8252.
  • While the blue toters are for yard waste from April 1 to December 1, residents may use the blue toters for regular household garbage during the winter months of December, January, February, and March. Residents MUST NOT place household garbage in the blue toters during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  • As an alternate to the blue toter, residents may use degradable paper bags for yard waste as long as the bags can be handled and loaded by one man without breakage or tearing.
  • Any branches placed in blue toters must fit inside the toter.
  • Small branches placed next to the toter will also be picked up by Republic Services if they are bundled in lengths of 4 feet or less and tied with twine. Individual branches must not exceed 4 inches in diameter.
  • You may place items such as washers, dryers, hot water heaters, furniture, furnaces, stoves, air conditioners, refrigerators, carpet, box springs, mattresses out with your regular garbage pick-up. Do not place these items on the curb prior to the normal time to put out your toter.
  • No garbage or toters should be placed on the curb prior to the night before your pick up day.
  • Empty toters should be retrieved as soon as possible on the day the garbage was picked up.
  • The Public Works Department will pick up items such as branches, concrete, lumber, dirt, sod, stone, metal, and dead animals. This pickup will take place the day after your regularly scheduled garbage pickup, no need to call.
  • Please have sufficient containers for all your garbage. This will prevent garbage from blowing around the neighborhood and will help keep our community beautiful.
  • Emptied toters/cans should be retrieved promptly, especially on windy days.
  • If you have a concern with Republic Services, first attempt to call them directly at 385-8252 to resolve the issue. If you are unable to resolve the issue, call the Village of South Holland administration office at 210-2904.



Local Court and Tickets

  • Housing & Code Hearings (Property Maintenance Violations) are held on the 2nd Monday of each month beginning at 3:00pm at Village Hall, 16226 Wausau Avenue.
  • Parking Hearings (Village Sticker violations, parking tickets) are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 9:00am at the Lansing Municipal Courtroom, 2710 E 170th Street.
  • Local Ordinance Hearings (State or Local Ordinance violations that are punishable by fine only) are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 10:30am at the Lansing Municipal Courtroom, 2710 E 170th Street.
  • Tickets can be paid at the Police Department (16220 Wausau Avenue) during normal business hours and during hearing proceedings. Checks should be made payable to "Village of South Holland".
  • Tickets can also be paid online at
  • Red light violation tickets can be paid online at



Mayor's Coffees

  • Because communication is the very essence of our strength as a Village government, the Mayor hosts an informal "Coffee with the Mayor" quarterly.
  • The events rotate between morning and evening so that people with varying schedules have the opportunity to attend.
  • Mayor's Coffees are held at the Community Center at alternating times of 7:30am or 7:00pm.
  • Dates and times are published on the Village website and in the South Holland Today newspaper.
  • These are informal events that do not follow an agenda. It is an opportunity for residents to meet with the Mayor and other Village officials to share their comments and concerns.
  • Coffee, juice, and pastries are served.



Neighborhood Associations

  • A Neighborhood Association is comprised of a group of residents who devote time and energy to improve and enhance the area where they live. Neighborhood associations provide a place to meet neighbors, exchange ideas, prioritize projects, propose solutions, and implement plans for the neighborhood.
  • Most neighborhood associations focus on quality of life in the neighborhood. Associations also provide a neighborhood with an effective means of communicating and a new sense of community.
  • Organizing a neighborhood association may seem difficult at first, but developing your association will be extremely exciting as people come together for a common purpose and learn to work together as a group.
  • The Public Relations & Marketing Department can provide you with brochures that will help you organize your association. Call 210-2918 or send email to
  • Following are some important guidelines to assist as you begin to organize:

    *  Identify local boundaries for your neighborhood
    *  Define a reason for organizing
    *  Conduct an organizational meeting with your neighbors
    *  Develop a mission statements or objectives for your group
    *  Elect officers or key members
    *  Adopt by-laws
    *  Set a schedule of meeting dates
    *  Gather as much information as possible from other neighborhood associations
  • A Successful Association will:

    *  Identify the neighborhood’s priorities and build them step-by-step.
    *  Set realistic goals. Start small & build upward. As your organizational capacity grows, start setting your goals higher.
    *  Treat members with respect and integrity, so people will be more likely to get involved in the organization.
    *  Be patient and persistent. Building an association is a process. It cannot be done overnight.



Neighbor Disputes

  • It isn't easy for people caught up in a dispute to find a solution. Emotions may run high... issues may be complex... and neither side wants to talk to the other. That's where the South Holland Mediation and Reconciliation Commission comes in.
  • This commission was formed to help residents settle conflicts voluntarily by employing the techniques of mediation and reconciliation. Residents can call the commission for disagreements involving: excessive noise, property access/damage complaints, racial/ethnic conflicts, consumer complaints, and general disputes between neighbors.
  • Interested residents can call Public Relations & Marketing Director, Mary Ann Thornton, at 210-2918 Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm.
  • The emphasis is on helping people find a way to resolve their own differences. They themselves determine the best solutions.
  • Members of the commission are bound by codes of neutrality and confidentiality. The commission has no law enforcement authority, will not represent either party in a court of law, and cannot impose a solution upon the disputing parties.
  • Members of the commission have been trained by the National Coalition Building Institute of Illinois.



Property Maintenance Ordinances

  • South Holland residents take great pride in the cleanliness of their Village. This is in the best interest of all residents because a well manicured and maintained community translates directly into higher property values and a more enjoyable place to live.
  • To ensure that our high standards are maintained, property maintenance ordinances are enforced by the Code Enforcement office. Residents and businesses who neglect their property will be ticketed.
  • Our Code Enforcement office works diligently to ensure that our community remains aesthetically pleasing. If you are aware of a property maintenance violation, you are encouraged to contact the Code Enforcement office at 210-2915 or send email to
  • The following are some highlights of those ordinances:
    *  House and garage trim must be properly painted. Peeling paint on gutters, eaves, and trim is a violation.
    *  Grass may not be allowed to grow over 6 inches tall.
    *  All landscaping must be maintained.
    *  Bushes and shrubs must be trimmed neatly and must not obstruct sidewalks or cause traffic hazards.
    *  Pools must be maintained properly or be removed.
    *  Outdoor storage of tires, appliances, furniture, car parts, building material, and other such items is a violation.
    *  Any standing water should be removed so as to not create possible health related issues.
    *  Fences must be maintained in good sound condition. If it is a painted fence, it must not be peeling or chipping.
    *  Undriveable or unlicensed vehicles may not be parked in the street or in a driveway where they are in public view.
    *  Parking of vehicles on any lawn or in any landscaping area is a violation.
    *  Working on vehicles in driveways or streets is a violation.



Railroad Issues

  • South Holland is uniquely situated where two of the countries major rail lines come together. At that point, is one of the busiest interlockers in the country. The interlocker is located near the intersection of South Park and 168th street, behind the Spiekhout Heating building. The two rail lines that merge are the UP (Union Pacific) and the CNIC (Canadian National/Illinois Central). The UP comes up from the southern part of the country and the CNIC comes in from the eastern part of the country. Both rail lines feed into the South Holland/Dolton Yard Center. This rail yard is one of the busiest rail yards in the country. In fact, the entire Chicago region is one of the busiest for freight rail service because of it's location to the rest of the country. It serves as a hub for freight traffic. South Holland has been contending with these issues for many many years.
  • Our unique location by the interlocker and the enormous volume of freight traffic coming into and departing from the Chicago region have caused two particularly frustrating issues here in South Holland. First is the issue of blocked crossings. Second is the issue of stopped trains idling near homes.
  • BLOCKED CROSSINGS: The Village monitors blocked crossings carefully. Many times, the reason for the lengthy blocking of a crossing is due to congestion in the rail yard. Per State and Federal rulings, the Village can no longer issue tickets to the railroads.
  • STOPPED TRAINS IDLING NEAR HOMES: Because of the interlocker where the two rail lines merge, one train is often forced to park and wait for another to clear the interlocker. In other cases, the rail yard is congested to the point where trains have to wait to get in. These circumstances result in undesirable noise, exhaust, and vibration from the idling train engines. Unfortunately, municipalities have no authority to require anything of the railroads in this regard. The good news is that the railroad management has been willing to work with the Village to reduce the occurrences of parked trains and the length of time a train is parked when it is necessary to do so. While the problem has not gone away, significant progress has been made. The Village communicates regularly with the railroad management in an ongoing effort to improve the situation.
  • LONG TERM SOLUTION: Solving the congestion of freight train traffic for the Chicago region is the only real solution to our problems. The Village of South Holland is currently actively supporting efforts by state agencies and the federal government to develop a plan to route train traffic around the area using tracks owned by other rail lines.
  • CN's ACQUISITION OF EJ&E: Canadian National (CN) recently acquired the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railroad (EJ&E). Over the next several years, CN will be able to divert many trains to the EJ&E system, which will greatly reduce train congestion in the South Holland area.
  • QUIET ZONES: Effective October 4, 2010, the Federal Railroad Administration put into place a new Quiet Zone which incorporates roadway crossings along the Union Pacific Railroad in South Holland at 168th & Wausau Avenue and 173rd & Wausau Avenue; and in Thornton at Eleanor, Margaret and Juliette Streets.



Recreational Programs

  • A wide range of programs are offered throughout the year covering ages infants to seniors. The program booklets are published four times per year and are posted online here. Printed copies are available at the Community Center. Special programming is offered year round for challenged youth and adults.
  • Many trips are scheduled throughout the year including day excursions and overnight packages at very reasonable rates. Special events are scheduled on major holidays that promote the community spirit of our village and bring neighbors together. A complete listing of trips and events is updated in each mailing, news releases, school flyers, as well as on our local Public Access Cable Channel - Comcast Channel 6 / Wide Open West Channel 4 / AT&T U-Verse Channel 99.
  • For further information, call the Community Center at 331-2940.




  • The Village has a Drop-Off Center Recycling program. There are three locations where residents can drop off paper, glass, plastics and metal cans. Residents are encouraged to utilize these Recycling Drop-Off Centers.

    Rear of the South Holland Public Library 16250 Wausau Avenue
    Van'O Park/Legion Hall 157th and Orchard
    Walt's Food Center (north parking lot) 16145 State Street
  • Additionally, Electronics Recycling drives are held twice per year at the South Holland Library.



Reporting Problems

Police If you are aware of any suspicious or criminal activity, you are encouraged to call the Police Department's non-emergency number at 331-3131 or if necessary, call 911. You can also call the Crime Tips hotline at 596-2255 or e-mail your concern to
Public Works While we work diligently to be aware of any problems with streets, lighting, and signs, etc. around the Village, we encourage you to call and report them as soon as you see them. If you see things such as pot holes, damaged street signs, street light outages, or graffiti, please contact the Public Works Department at 339-2323 or send e-mail to
Code Enforcement Our Code Enforcement office works diligently to ensure that our community remains aesthetically pleasing. If you are aware of a property maintenance violation, please contact the Code Enforcement office at 210-2915 or send e-mail to
Parks To report concerns about broken park or playground equipment, downed trees in parks, or graffiti in a park, please contact the Public Works Department at 339-2323 or send e-mail to
General If you have a general concern that you would like to bring to the attention of the Village Administration, please call the Administration office at 210-2904 or send e-mail to
Garbage If you have a concern with Republic Services garbage pick-up services, first attempt to call them directly at 385-8252 to resolve the issue. If you are unable to resolve the issue, call the Administration office at 210-2904 or send e-mail to



Sidewalk Replacement Program

  • Over time, sidewalks can crack, sink, or pit.  If you would like to replace all or a portion of your sidewalk, the Village's sidewalk replacement program will pay 50% of the cost.
  • You can replace as little as one sidewalk square or all of your sidewalk. Be aware that the cost per sidewalk square goes down when more than 100 feet (approximately 4 squares) are replaced.
  • Interested residents should call the Public Works Department at 339-2323.
  • The Village will take care of getting bids on the project and arranging the contractor. All you need to do is pay your portion prior to the work starting.



Snow Removal

  • It is a violation of Village Ordinance to park on the street after a snowfall of TWO INCHES. Your vehicle may be towed at your expense. This is important because plows need to work efficiently to keep the streets clean and safe.
  • As plows clear the streets, they push the snow toward the curb. Inevitably, that snow will be pushed in front of driveway entrances. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this. Each resident must assume responsibility for clearing enough of this snow to allow them to get in and out of their driveway. Residents who are incapable of removing this snow themselves or who don't care to do so, may choose to hire a teen or plow service to assist them. The highest priority of the Public Works plow drivers must be to make the streets as safe as possible for vehicle traffic and particularly for the passage of emergency vehicles in the event they need to get to your house. There are 90 miles of streets that the plows must keep clear and salted. While we regret this inconvenience, we trust you understand.
  • Do not shovel or blow snow into the street. This is a safety hazard. The snow that is on the street in front of your driveway entrance should be placed in the grass parkway or the yard.



South Holland Today Newsletter

  • South Holland Today is published 6 times per year by the Public Relations & Marketing Department of the Village of South Holland and distributed by bulk mailing to all postal customers in South Holland Zip Code 60473.
  • Our aim is to provide beneficial information to residents, businesses, and municipal employees so that community pride is enhanced, investment and reinvestment in the community are encouraged, participation in community events is stimulated, and public dialogue about issues affecting community life takes place.
  • Additional copies are available free of charge at Village Hall (16226 Wausau Ave), at the Library (16250 Wausau Ave), and at the Community Center (501 E 170th St).
  • Highlights from South Holland Today can be found on the Village of South Holland website .
  • South Holland Today does not accept paid advertising.



South Holland Distinctive Traits

Some of South Holland's distinctive traits include:

QUIET SUNDAYS The residents of South Holland thoroughly enjoy having Sunday as a quiet day each week. Many businesses in South Holland are closed on Sundays, with the exception of those serving the traveling public such as restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and auto parts stores. While no ordinance prevents yard work etc. on Sundays, most residents choose to keep Sunday as a quiet day.
NO LIQUOR South Holland is a "dry" town. There are no bars and no liquor is sold within Village limits.
NO PORNOGRAPHY Pornography is not sold and pornographic videos are not rented within Village limits.
SINGLE FAMILY HOMES There are no apartment complexes in South Holland. Here you will essentially find only single family residences.
WELL-MAINTAINED HOMES Residents take pride in their homes and property. Well-manicured lawns and well-maintained homes have long been a hallmark of South Holland. A strong Code Enforcement department works to protect every residents investment in their homes and property.
A COMMUNITY OF CHURCHES South Holland is home to more than 25 churches of many denominations.
INVOLVED RESIDENTS South Holland residents take great pride in their community and they're always looking for ways to enhance it. This is evidenced by the more than 300 residents who serve as volunteers on a host of commissions and committees such as the Tree Commission, Park Advisory Board, Economic Development Commission, Neighborhood Groups Organizing Committee, and many others.



Storm Signal

  • There are roof-top sirens at both South Holland Fire Stations. The sirens at both locations are used to indicate a tornado warning.
  • The signals are tested on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:30am.
  • Visit the Fire Department's Storm Signal page to learn more details.



Tree Branch Pick-Up

  • Small branches placed next to the toter will be picked up by Republic Services if they are bundled in lengths of 4 feet or less and tied with twine. Individual branches must not exceed 4 inches in diameter.
  • The Public Works Department will pick up branches that are placed on the curb line. Public Works employees may not remove branches from other parts of the yard. Call their office at 339-2323 to place your address on the list for pick-up. Most pickups are scheduled within 48 hours. Tree branch pick-up service ends November 15 so the trucks can be outfitted with snow plows. Pick-up service resumes April 1st.
  • Christmas trees may be placed out in their entirety during the first two weeks of January.



Vehicle Stickers

  • Vehicle stickers are required for all motor vehicles within the Village limits.
  • All vehicle stickers expire on June 30 of each year.
  • Vehicle stickers go on sale May 1st of each year, and must be purchase and displayed before July 1.
  • Vehicle stickers purchased July 1 or later are deemed late and will incur a late payment penalty of 50%.
  • Vehicle stickers purchased August 1 or later are deemed substantially late and will incur a late payment penalty of $100.
  • New residents have 30 days from the date of moving in to obtain a valid vehicle sticker.
  • Residents have 30 days from the date of purchase to obtain a valid vehicle sticker for a newly purchased vehicle.
  • A valid vehicle sticker can be transferred to a newly purchased vehicle for $1.
  • Checks should be made payable to "Village of South Holland".
  • Vehicle sticker must be displayed in the lower right hand corner of your windshield.
    (except for motorcycles which affixes to the license plate)

    12 MONTH FEES:
    Passenger cars $40.00
    Trucks and Motor Homes $55.00
    Trucks w/ C plates and higher $95.00
    Motorcycles $30.00
    Senior Citizens (65 years of age and older) receive a 50% discount.



Voter Registration

  • You can register to vote at the Village Hall, 16226 Wausau Avenue. Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
  • Two forms of ID are required. One must show your current address.
  • Click here for a list of all South Holland polling locations.
  • Applications for Disabled Voter or Student Voter programs are available at the Clerk's office.
  • For information about early voting and locations, visit the Cook County Clerk website at
  • When moving within Suburban Cook County, update your voter registration information by printing your new address on the back of your registration card, sign your name and mail it to: David Orr, Cook County Clerk, 69 W Washington, Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60602-1309
  • You can visit the Cook County Clerk's Office website for more information:



Water Bills

  • To determine if you have a water leak, follow these instructions carefully. If you determine that there is a leak on the inside of your home, you should call a plumber to repair the problem.
    Turn off ALL sources of water (faucet, hose, dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, etc.)

    Check the red triangle dial on your water meter. If all sources of water have been securely turned off and it is still moving, you have a leak somewhere. It may be necessary to call a plumber to locate and repair the leak.
  • Residents can pay their water bill automatically from their checking account. You will receive a notice of the amount to be debited from your account. The amount is generally withdrawn on the first business day after the 17th of the month. To sign up, bring the following information to the Clerk's office in the Village Hall:
    1. Your bank or financial institution's name.
    2. A voided check (or your routing number).
    3. Your checking account number.
  • Residents can pay their water bill with the online service E-Pay.
    E-Pay is accessible through our Online Payments page: Online Payments
  • Residents are invoiced monthly and payments are due by the 20th of each month.
  • The breakdown of your water bill is provided below: (Note that gallons are read in thousands)
  • Rates effective March 1, 2014
  • Minimum bill for water is $11.02. Total Minimum bill including water, flat fee, and garbage pick-up is $34.50
  • Make check payable to "Village of South Holland".
    *  $5.51 per 1000 gallons for the first 25,000 gallons.
    *  $4.87 per 1000 gallons for the next 100,000 gallons.
    *  $4.76 per 1000 gallons over 125,000 gallons.
    *  Sewer rate = $.47 per 1000 gallons used.
    *  Flat = $.38 per month.
    *  Refuse (Garbage Pick-Up) = $23.10 per month.

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