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South Holland
Building & Code Department

16240 Wausau Avenue
South Holland, IL 60473
Phone: 708-210-2915
Fax: 708-210-2959
Email:  buildingandcode

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Zoning Information
Village Logo Building and Zoning

Strong building codes, efficient documentation system, and stringent but fair enforcement of these codes make the Planning and Development Department one of the best in the State, as demonstrated by the Village of South Holland when they were rated Class 4 by the Insurance Services Office, Inc (ISO).

Building Codes adopted by the Village of South Holland

International Building Code, including the following:
 - International Fire Protection Code (2012)
 - International Residential Code (2012) Including Appendices E, F, G, H, J, K, M, O, Q
 - International Existing Building Code (2012)
 - International Mechanical Code (2012) Including Appendix A
 - International Fuel Gas Code (2012) Including Appendices A, B, C, D
 - International Energy Code (2012)
 - International Property Maintenance Code (2012)
 - International Building Code: (2012) Appendices E, F, G, I, J
 - International Code Council Performance Code: (2012) Appendices A, B, C, D, E
 - International Wildland-Urban interface Code (2012)
 - International Private Sewage Disposal Code (2012)

National Electrical Code (2011)

Illinois Plumbing Code (February 2004)

South Holland Zoning Ordinance

Permits are required for (but not limited to) improvements such as:

Additions Garages Remodeling Roofing
Siding, Soffits & Fascia Swimming Pools Decks & Patios Sheds
Fences Plumbing Electrical Paving
Window & Door Replacement Lawn Irrigation Demolition Signs

Building Permit Application

A Plat of Survey and a scope of work are needed for many of the projects listed above.
Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for permits to be processed.

All contractors must be licensed in the Village of South Holland.
Please review the contractors license application for complete requirements.

Contractor Registration Form

Property Owners - Be Aware!
Are you doing your own work or has your contractor asked you to obtain a building permit?
If a contractor has asked you to get the permit listing you, the homeowner, as the contractor, you should be aware of the following:

  • If you have a contractor, they may be attempting to absolve themselves from liability and responsibility for the quality and workmanship of the work performed.
  • Your contractor might not be licensed with the Village of South Holland.
  • It is NOT cheaper for a homeowner to obtain a building permit.
  • The time frame for processing a permit application is the same for homeowners as it is for contractors.
  • You will be held to the same standards and same inspection schedule as a contractor.
  • The Village of South Holland will not be able to help you resolve any disputes or problems with unlicensed contractors or their work.
  • YOU will be responsible for correcting any deficiencies in the work performed.
  • It is a code violation to falsify information on permit applications

For more information on the permit process, contact the Planning & Development Office at 708-210-2915.

Village of South Holland  -  16226 Wausau Avenue  -  South Holland, Illinois 60473  -  708-210-2900
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