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Flood-Proofing Projects Pay Off

With springtime rains just around the corner, Brian Smith, flood assistance coordinator, reminds residents that a Flood Assistance Rebate program is available to qualified applicants for pre-approved flood-proofing projects.

For example, residents planning to install overhead sewers in their homes to alleviate flooding problems may be eligible for a grant to cover a portion of the project costs.

According to Smith, the grant offers residents a 25 percent rebate, to a maximum of $2,500, for the following flood-control projects:


  • Diversion of downspout water
  • Flood walls


  • Overhead sewers (repairs and installation)
  • Removal of sump pump and down spout connections from sanitary sewers
  • Back flow valves


  • Interior and/or exterior drain tile
  • Crack repair and/or waterproofing foundation walls


It is imperative that those planning to apply for a grant contact Brian Smith at 16240 Wausau, or call 210-2915, before beginning any flood-control project.

“I will meet with the resident, inspect their property and assist in completion of the necessary grant application,” he said, “I also can provide a list of contractors who are licensed to do business in South Holland, if requested.”

Smith advises homeowners not to wait until the last minute, but to allow plenty of time to secure the required pre-approval and minimum of two bid proposals from contractors.

“I think that it’s a great program and I think that a lot of people have been really thankful that the Village has had this program,” he said.