2mg lorazepam just has a longer. Its better for you to ween off Ativan when the time comes. Your doctor was smart by doug this for you. Pastor Richard Zekveld Mailing Address: 430 E 162nd Street, Suite 360, South Holland Meets at: Calvary Academy Gymnasium, 16300 State Street, South Holland E-Mail: covenantfellowship@cfcsh.org Website: http://www.cfcsh.org COVENANT UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST Rev. Dr. Ozzie Smith 1130 E 154th Street, South Holland Phone: 333-5955 Fax: 333-4220 E-Mail: covenant@covucc.org Website: http://www.covucc.org THE EAGLE’S NEST WORSHIP CENTER Pastor S. Don Clark Meets at: Calvary Community Church, 16341 South Park Avenue, South Holland Phone: 877-846-6142 E-Mail: admin@theeaglesnestministry.org Website: http://www.theeaglesnestministry.org FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Danny Brannon 1836 E 172nd Street, South Holland Phone: 219-677-3678 Website: http://www.fbcsouthholland.com FIRST CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH Rev. Daniel Svendsen 16248 South Park Avenue, South Holland Phone: 333-8211 Fax: 333-5130 E-Mail: firstcrcsh@sbcglobal.net Website: http://www.firstchurchsh.org FIRST REFORMED CHURCH Rev. Matt Waterstone 15924 South Park Avenue, South Holland Phone: 333-0622 Fax: 333-4347 E-Mail: frcshoffice@sbcglobal.net Website: http://www.frcsh.org FREE SPIRIT MINISTERIAL WORSHIP CENTER Rev. Timothy Byron McGhee 16012 Cottage Grove Avenue, South Holland Phone: 333-FREE (3733) E-Mail: fsmwc1@aol.com Website: http://www.freespirit2.org GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN CHURCH Rev. Michael D. Udoekong 16500 Woodlawn East, South Holland Phone: 331-7706 HOLY GHOST CATHOLIC CHURCH Rev. Anthony M. Talarico 700 E 170th Street, South Holland Phone: 333-7011 Fax: 333-1996 E-Mail: jben951051@cs.com Website: http://www.holyghostcatholicparish.org IGLESIA BAUTISTA CASA DE GRACIA Pastor De Anda 16931 South Park Avenue, South Holland Phone: 773-413-8747 E-Mail: informacion@casadegracia.net Website: http://www.casadegracia.net KING’S COMMUNITY CHURCH Rev. Peter Tassio 600 W 162nd Street, South Holland Phone: 333-5444 Fax: 333-7787 E-Mail: kingscom@earthlink.net Website: http://kingscom.org LIVING HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH Pastor Mark S. Cannon 15712 Church Drive, South Holland Phone: 333-6588 Fax: 333-2707 E-Mail: lhccnews@gmail.com Website: http://lhcctoday.com MANOR CARE HEALTH SERVICES 2145 E 170th Street, South Holland Phone: 895-3255 Fax: 895-3315 NEW JERUSALEM KINGDOM MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL Pastor Shawn Peter Dalcour 15910 Cottage Grove Avenue, South Holland Phone: 333-6500 E-Mail: newjerusalem@njkmi.org Website: http://www.njkmi.org NEW BEGINNING FULL GOSPEL MINISTRIES Pastor Dr. Melvin L. Moore, Sr. 16440 Cottage Grove Avenue, South Holland Phone: 893-0924 Fax: 893-0695 E-Mail: apostlemooresr@yahoo.com NEW COVENANT ASSEMBLY OF PEACE COGIC Pastor Craig M. Coleman 15924 South Park Avenue, South Holland E-Mail: NCAOP@sbcglobal.net A PECULIAR PEOPLE CHURCH INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES Pastor Albert R. Hunter, Jr. Meets at: 501 E 170th Street (South Holland Community Center) Mailing Address: PO Box 582, South Holland Phone or Fax: 331-8077 Website: http://www.apeculiarpeoplechurchim.com PEACE CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH Pastor Glen McCarthy 833 E 168th Street, South Holland Phone: 331-7755 Fax: 331-5367 E-Mail: office@peacecrc.org Website: http://www.peacechurchsh.org PIONEER MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Dr. Preston R. Winfrey, Pastor 315 E 161st Place, South Holland Phone: 339-7790 Fax: 339-7909 E-Mail: pioneermbc@att.net Website: http://www.pioneermbc.org POWER & LIGHT EVANGELISTIC CHURCH Apostle Benny L. Dozier, Senior Pastor 16511 South Park Avenue, South Holland Phone: 331-9834 Fax: 331-8201 E-Mail: Info@powerandlightchurch.org Website: http://www.powerandlightchurch.org REDEEMER LUTHERAN CHURCH Rev. Kwame Pitts 651 E 166th Street, South Holland Phone: 331-4100 Fax: 331-4509 E-Mail: redeemer-lutheran@sbcglobal.net E-Mail: PastorRedeemerLC@gmail.com Website: http://www.redeemerelca.org RIVER OAKS COMMUNITY CHURCH Pastor Vince Lambert 15910 Cottage Grove Avenue, South Holland Phone: 331-8881 Fax: 331-9119 Website: http://www.rocconline.org SPIRIT OF GOD FELLOWSHIP Pastor Brian Kamstra 16350 State Street, South Holland Phone: 331-1234 Fax: 331-1248 Website: http://www.sogfchurch.com ST. JUDE THE APOSTLE CATHOLIC CHURCH Rev. Ignatius Anaele 880 E 154th Street, South Holland Phone: 333-3550 Fax: 339-3336 E-Mail: ApostlJude@aol.com Website: http://www.stjudetheapostle.org THORN CREEK REFORMED CHURCH Pastor Tom Archer 1875 E 170th Street, South Holland Phone: 474-4043 Fax: 474-9151 E-Mail: office@thorncreek.org Website: http://www.thorncreek.org UNITED FAITH CENTER MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL Pastor Phillip F. Tarver Meets at: Spirit of God Fellowship, 16350 State Street, South Holland Phone: 262-3695 E-Mail: info@unitedfaithcmi.org Website: http://www.unitedfaithcmi.org VALLEY KINGDOM MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL Bishop H. Daniel Wilson 1102 E 154th Street, South Holland Phone: 331-3511 Fax: 331-0430 E-Mail: info@valleykingmin.org Website: http://www.vkmi.org VICTORIOUS LIVING CHURCH OF GOD Pastor Dr. David S. Blair 15400 State Street, South Holland Phone: 331-8100 Website: http://www.victoriouslivingchurch.org ZION TRAVELERS MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Alfred E. Smith 14875 Wallace Street, South Holland Phone: 210-9507 Fax: 210-9532 Website: http://www.ziontravelers.net If you would like to add or update a church listing, send e-mail to webmaster@southholland.org" />

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